Dr_Brian_FordeIn October 2008 I began my PhD in the lab of Prof. Paul O’ Toole at the department of Microbiology, University College Cork investigating commensal and environmental motile lactobacilli with an emphasis on Lactobacillus ruminis. In December 2012 I moved to the Brisbane to take up a post-doctoral position with Dr. Scott Beatson at the University of Queensland. Currently my work involves the uses of PacBio SMRT sequencing technology to explore the genomes and epigenomes of multidrug resistant E. coli and developing methodologies for dealing with this datatype.

Over the last 5 years I have developed a strong research interest in the use of sequencing data and bioinformatics tools to investigate the genomes of commensal and pathogenic bacteria, the pangenomes of bacterial communities and cohesive phylogenetic groups. In addition, I am keenly interested in the in silico use of sequence data to enhance and inform lab based projects by assisting the rapid identification of genetic targets for future investigations and identifying candidate species with the potential for desirable industrial and medical applications.